5 Social Media Marketing Trends For Black Friday 2017

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Like many of our modern consumer habits, the infamous Black Friday originates from an American tradition that sees hundreds of people collecting outside stores in pursuit of ‘door-busting deals’.  Whilst footage of frenzied customers clambering for discounted telly’s and dirt-cheap devices was once the norm, the shift in consumer behaviour is now affecting marketing strategy and tactics. In short, we’re spending more money and more time online. 

No longer can we consider our own homes a safe haven from the shopping mania that comes along with the Holiday season; not only will big brands be infiltrating our high street, they’ll also be infiltrating our screens- and the returns are tremendous.

Mega e-commerce platform Shopify found that in 2016, Black Friday generated 3.6x more orders than the average day in November.  Adobe notes that Cyber Monday 2016 was the largest online sales day in history with $3.39 billion spent online in a single day.  Furthermore, if the data is anything to go by, we’ll see sales increase at a rate of 10.2% this year and next. 

Taking all that into consideration, here are 5 social media marketing trends to look out for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017.

1. Mobile at the forefront

Mobile shopping can no longer be considered an afterthought.  According to Jibe, e-commerce sales totalled $3.45 billion on Cyber Monday last year with desktop accounting for 53% of Cyber Monday traffic and 69% of sales.  We predict big brands upping their mobile game this year, making their sites as user friendly as possible to ensure they’re one step closer to landing those conversions.


 2. Live Action Deals

With Facebook limiting the organic reach of posts and with its monthly active users hitting a whopping 2.1 billion, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to reach their target audience.  As a result we’ll see more and more retailers playing the algorithm with Facebook Live being a key feature given users tendency to spend 3x longer engaging with live content over non-live content.

We anticipate retailers prioritising the “customer experience” on their social media pages, as the opportunity to interact with a brand in real-time becomes more and more attractive. Picture users choosing their preferred deals by commenting or engaging through likes, react buttons etc…

3. All about customer experience

Talking of customer experience, we predict this year’s BFCM will be characterised by a 24/7 accessibility to the customer whether this be through chatbots or human representatives.  With so many brands competing for access to your newsfeed, driving traffic to new products begins with the customer’s experience with the brand.  Expect lots of brands popping up in your DMs, it’s going to get personal.

4. Urgency and Scarcity

This year we’ll see retailers not only offering ‘door-busting’ deals but also diversifying the way they offer those deals.  Amazon, for example have long championed the “lightening deal” marketing strategy, offering high percentage discounts for limited amounts of time.  Given the effect that urgency and scarcity has on converting browsers into buyers, we imagine many brands will follow suit in 2017.  Look out for online retailers using their social media platforms to release deals by the hour, giving customers the incentive to keep checking back again and again throughout the day.

5. Black Friday becomes Black November

It’s hard to remember a time when Black Friday was just a single day, in-store event when it now appears to last a whole season.  With retailers putting so much effort into their BFCM campaigns, we can almost guarantee a string of ads popping up on your newsfeed in the weeks leading up to the big event.  By using simple remarketing campaigns, brands can squeeze as much out of BFCM as possible, redefining the standard for holiday season sales in the process.

The important thing to take away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is that it isn’t just one high-revenue weekend; it’s an opportunity to reach new audiences, introduce potential customers to products and carry those customers into marketing campaigns that come later in the year and into the new year.

If you see a stand-out BFCM campaign – tell us about it! Tag us @populatesocial

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