Fanalyse Activate launches, vanity free social metrics

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The Fanalyse Activate team, a joint venture between Fanalyse and Populate in Cardiff, has spent time researching and working on creating a true metric for social media. Our focus is on helping clubs, venues and organisations understand and activate an omni-channel approach to increase growth, engagement and brand affinity.

The FANALYSE SOCIAL SCORE provides an authentic metric that looks beyond the simplicity and vanity of follower numbers. We measure tangible engagement, growth and sentiment, which provides for a level playing field and highlights true performance.

Fanalyse CEO Julian Jenkins said of the launch, “Fans today are more digitally connected, socially networked and better informed than ever before. Today’s clubs, venues and sporting organisations face differing challenges to meet the changing behaviours of the digitally empowered fan. This fuels an increasing demand for individualised, relevant engagement and experiences.


“Fanalyse co-founder Barrie McAuliffe and I have worked in sport for fifteen years each, and we firmly believe that the key metrics for success are engagement, experience and how much the fan feels valued. Previously metrics concerned with social media have been based on follower numbers, irrespective of performance.

“In our experience engaged fans do more and spend more, showing true affinity and becoming long-term brand advocates. We have worked for the past twelve months on compiling data and metrics that will successfully allow clubs, venues and organisations better understand their output and granular engagement levels.”

Populate founder Daniel Simmons added, “We built Fanalyse Activate to provide insight and recommendations, allowing industry colleagues to achieve the holy grail of a personalised omni-channel approach to growth and engagement.

“The Fanalyse Social Score is the first real published metric to analyse engagement and we believe this will become the industry standard score. We would like to congratulate Matt Cecil and Wycombe Wanderers on topping the table for January – the award is in the post!”

We are offering clubs and organisations the opportunity to speak with us regarding their digital strategy, offering support and advice on best practices and innovative techniques that can shape a truly omni-channel model for them.


If you are interested please do book your FREE 30 minute review here.

To view the full league tables click here.

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