Graduating in to Tide Creative

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I’ve been at Tide Creative now for around about three months and have already produced work for over twenty clients. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over these three months, its work hard and work fast.

I graduated back in July from the University of South Wales and managed to get lucky and walk straight into a job. Dan contacted me after visiting my university exhibition where he saw my final major project. We met up, had a chat and the next thing you know, I was part of the team. I was interested in the agency straight away after reading their ethos to social media, something that I also believe in. My first day was like any other first day, nerves flying everywhere, but a couple of hours in and it felt like I’d worked there for years.

Fast forward to the present day and I’m working on all sorts of projects. I don’t just produce graphics, I get to work on the whole art direction of certain projects. Everything from co-ordinating a product photoshoot to making a promotional motion graphic. One of my favourite projects so far was branding the Juice student event in Cardiff. As an agency we took a risk and it payed off. The overall design of the project is bright, bold and fun, something that would grab not just students but anyones attention. It stood out compared to other student nights in Cardiff, you could say it even disrupted the traditional student night designs that are seen around the city. It wasn’t just a student night, it was its own unique night.

After seeing what the agency has produced over the last twelve months there is no doubt that Tide Creative has a bright future, and its a pleasure to part of it.

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