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Black Friday Case Study: Ralph & Co


The Black Friday storm is scarcely behind us, known as retailers worst nightmare, yet most profitable weekend of the year, the discount-driven shopping frenzy has worked its magic yet again with UK retailers enjoying ‘outstanding’ Black Friday sales figures.

A bargain-hunters dream, the notorious Black Friday originates from an American tradition that marks the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season for consumers. Behind the soaring sales lay an important fact – that as Black Friday fell on the 29th of the month, it also coincided with the monthly payday for millions of workers.


Outstanding Black Friday Results

Barclaycard, which processes about £1 of every £3 spent in the UK, said it was an “outstanding” Black Friday compared with last year. It said transaction value was up 16.5% compared with last year, with the volume of transactions up 7.2%.

Things got pretty busy for us here at Populate, with Black Friday social scheduling in full-swing, our clients received some great results.


Ralph & Co

However, for the purpose of this article, we’d like to focus on our friends over at Ralph & Co. Their business is an independent British lifestyle brand for people who are passionate about their pets and their homes. This was perhaps one of our more all-encompassing campaigns, spanning across content creation, email marketing, social community management and of course, paid social advertising.


The results

The campaign generated an impressive 436% ROAS through social advertising. Compared to their previous year’s campaign we saw an increase of 92% in web-based revenue, a surge of 27% in transactions and a 52% increase in average order value.

Our focus was on leveraging the data we have available to us within the Facebook Pixel, funneling dynamic retargeting ads to users that have shown intent on the Ralph & Co website. Our strategy team advised on a multi-layered discounting approach, giving us more to talk about throughout the campaign across all platforms and allowing for more complex funnel systems to be built. Supplementing this with strong email marketing campaigns led to the overall return on investment figures looking extremely good!


“We’re ecstatic with the results-driven over the four days. This years campaign really allowed us to capitalise on a time of the year that is incredibly competitive. From the artwork through to the delivery, we’re super happy.”
Geryn, Evans (Founder of Ralph & Co)


You can check out some visuals from the campaigns below:

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