Higgs & Crick


Client: Higgs & Crick

Link: www.higgsandcrick.com

Type: Social Media Management

Higgs & Crick is a British company that produces the finest furniture and accessories in workshops and factories across the UK. They were involved with the Kingsman 2: Golden Circle, supplying custom glassware that is prominent throughout the film.

The Higgs & Crick team came to Populate to seek support in promoting their brand throughout the launch of the film. They needed support working alongside both the Kingsman Movie team and Mr Porter, whom they are stocking an exclusive collection with.

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The Challenge

The team were tasked with taking the brand from its very beginnings, cultivating a motivated and engaged audience through producing fantastic content and effective strategy. All of this was done with the initial goal of supporting the launch of the limited collection supplied as part of the Kingsman 2 movie.

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The Process

Initially we crafted a launch strategy alongside Mr Porter and the other partner brands for the movie, tapping in to press days and shared content. From here we began creating our own content, in both video and photo formats. Our engagement team set to work focusing their attention on the devout Kingsman fans across the globe, introducing them to the latest brand to be associated with the movie. Our overall effort was to create a streamlined, consistent and effective campaign.

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The Result

The launch of the Kingsman movie and the subsequent collection launch on Mr Porter has led to a dramatic rise in sales for Higgs & Crick. The work done on social media has supported this, with us seeing a huge rise in both the audience size and interaction on all channels.

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