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The calculator.

We take a few simple metrics to give you an insight into the true profit from your campaigns. You can use this to review how your ads are currently performing or to get a feel for how they may perform and at what level you need things to be at in order to make a profit.

Four simple steps:

Monthly agency fees

What are you currently spending on agency fees? Or if you don't spend on an agency now, what would your typical budget look like?

Monthly ad spend

How much do you spend a month on digital ads? If you don't spend on ads now, just test out a number, 10% of your total marketing budget is a good place to start. Once you've entered all other metrics, come back to the budget to see how it affects profit.

Gross profit percentage

How much profit is in your product?

Projected ROAS

ROAS (return on ad spend) measures how much your business earns in revenue for every penny spent on advertising. The formula for ROAS is simple. You just need to divide your revenue by the cost of advertising. We recommend somewhere in the region of 3-10

Why use the calculator?



Our Social Media Advertising Calculator walks through potential scenarios from budgeting to remarketing to make you aware of your business’ unique opportunity for growth through social Advertising.



You can quickly discover your true reach and use our Ads Calculator to see how many more leads and sales you could earn with any type of advertising budget.



We’re here to help to cut through the noise of the highly competitive space & get your ads seen by the right people at the right time. At Populate we’re led by results. Whatever the KPI is, whether it’s sales conversions, brand building, or often a combination of the two, we’re here to help you out.

What we’ve achieved for others:

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