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5 reasons why you should consider working with a social media agency.

1. Cost

It’s what most decisions always come down to: is there value for money? Will we get a return on investment? Can we afford it? In terms of social media management in-house vs agency, in almost every case, hiring a social media agency works out as significantly more cost effective. As an agency we can pitch ourselves as much cheaper than hiring a full-time head; the average London based social media manager is paid £25K. For half that price you can hire a team of people who are responsible for content creation, platform management, yearly strategy design and so on, which leads me nicely on to…

2. More Heads

When you hire an agency you get just that; multiple resources in the form of many heads (and we all know that’s better than one). This means more ideas, more creatives and more time. You aren’t paying for a content writer, a designer, a photographer and a social media manager. Instead you’re guaranteeing all these skills under one roof, agreed in one contract from an agency who has already done the leg work and sourced the relevant experts. An agency takes the pressure off you hiring a social superhuman, having already vetted and hired a bunch of talented, reliable people who have the skills to deliver. A social media agency has the benefit of being able to tell you ‘how it is’ more than an employee would. Sometimes working in-house you’re so wrapped up and close to everything that you need to take a step back, look for an outside perspective to help you question, deliberate and then collaborate.

3. Flexibility

Agencies are notoriously flexible, bending over backwards to work with you, impress you and constantly looking to prove their worth (or at least all good agencies are that way inclined). Whether it’s just help with a strategy design or full social platform management, agencies can tailor their offering uniquely to each client. On top of that, trial periods exist for the benefit of both parties; if it works out and you can build a partnership long-term, great, and if not, it was always worth a shot and I will bet you that both parties have learnt a lot (whether it’s what to do or what not to do) from one another.

4. We Back Ourselves

As an agency we are reaching out to you because we have seen your website and scoured your social media platforms and reckon that actually, we can do it better. We back ourselves that we can get you more traction, more conversation, grow your platforms and grow your business. If you’re reading this and considering contacting an agency, then you are probably thinking the same… no offence to the recent grad hired for £18K who is struggling to produce quality copy, photography, videography, graphic design, deliver on PPC management and stay on top of your customer conversations. If someone is reaching out to you from an agency it usually means that there are aspects of your social media that could do with some work. It’s worth responding to them even just to have a conversation… you never know what you could learn.

5. Time (Is Money)

Working in a social media agency means yes, we are using social media (our clients, not our own of course) pretty much all day of every day. That means we are continuously aware of the latest updates, changes and we learn, adapt and deliver on them just as fast. This saves your business time and energy. An agency will constantly be learning in it’s own time, which means you get all the benefits without it affecting your output. An agency works with all different types of businesses and clients who have different goals and are constantly going through similar experiences. We pull all this learning together and will never be afraid to point things out that have been tried and tested with other clients; saving you time and always sharing knowledge and experience.

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