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My first month at Populate

It was back in the summer that I first got in contact with Tide Creative. I initially applied for the Graphic Design role on offer, and despite being unsuccessful – (still bitter Jord) – I was invited to intern for a couple of weeks with the company. It was an opportunity to get under the hood of life in a digital agency and I picked up a lot. The internship ultimately set the wheels in motion to lead me to where I am now – at my own desk at Tide Creative!

Why Tide Creative? 

There are a tonne of great reasons to work at Tide Creative but most notably for me is the culture. Spending everyday in a creative and collaborative environment amongst likeminded people (and the occasional Daschund) makes for exciting work.

Already it’s been really rewarding to watch the team’s combined effort in digital spaces pay dividends to our clients through interaction, engagement and sales. Getting results through the social campaigns that we dream up is exciting. It’s like prodding the internet and hoping it finds it ticklish and not aggravating. I’ve quickly found out there’s a lot more to it, and that a lot of analytical work behind the scenes goes into making sure you get the right response.

Start-ups are also amazing for learning! I get to work with a founder, a designer and an account manager on a daily basis; so alongside my own responsibilities I’m learning about business logistics, design theory and the capabilities of copywriting all at the same time. How’s that for a start-up syllabus!?

What I get up to.

As an Account Executive – (I’m still working on convincing Dan to change everyone’s roles to ‘Tidy Creatives’) – my role is varied and keeps me on my toes. You can find me managing client’s social accounts, coming up with innovative campaigns, and doing my best at operating like a highly organised individual. Alongside this I’ve also been a Crossbar Challenge Referee, Lifestyle Photographer, Dog Sitter, Logo Designer, Card Signer, Sales Rep, and a personal highlight – Hand Model. In short; I’ve worn so many hats I could’ve shaved my head and no one would’ve noticed, but I’m looking forward to wearing many more and becoming a part of the furniture as Tide Creative continues on its journey to further social media marketing stardom.

It’s a pretty great place to be spending 40 hours a week.

Have a project in mind?

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