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The rundown.

In 1932, British automotive engineer George Carwardine invented the formula for a new kind of spring mechanism. It was originally intended to be part of a vehicle suspension system, but instead, something clicked. This elegant and responsive invention, which could be positioned at any angle with the lightest touch, would work perfectly in a lamp. That day in George’s garden shed, the blueprint for the iconic Anglepoise was born.


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The brief.

After not updating their imagery for some time, the team at Anglepoise came to Populate for some updated catalogue imagery, whilst still wanting to capture the minimalism and elegance of the lamp. We proposed not only having the regular still imagery but also incorporating some new GIFs creating a more engaging and eye-grabbing piece.

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Embracing Simplicity

It was important to showcase the lamps in a simplistic setting, to not distract from the beauty of each product.

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