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The rundown.

With big goals, TheDoSchool approached us in late 2022 to help them launch their new fellowship program, funded by Mercedes Benz.

They wanted to make a big global impact which saw people from all around the world coming together and applying their climate-positive idea to receive funding to make it come true.


Social Strategy, Organic Social, Content Creation, Paid Social Advertising,


Positive Planet Action

The brief.

In short? Help TheDoSchool create positive planet change by getting applicants from all over the world.

For this project, we had to start from the ground up. There wasn’t a brand, or even a name before we got involved, which somewhat worked in our favour.

They wanted to create a prestigious and innovative program, designed to empower and support visionary individuals from around the world, in various fields. It was important that the brand we created aligned to that, and didn’t alienate those from different regions.

They needed a brand, some ads that built trust and excitement and a social strategy for both organic and paid.

The Results.


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Applications started

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How we did it?


Setting the target audience

From the beginning we knew exactly who the target audience was going to be, as the fellowship had certain parameters they could only cater to.

The Audience was set at 16-28 year-olds, based in Denmark, Germany, Hungary, India, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and the UK.


Creating a brand

As this was a new fellowship, the brand wasn’t established before the first campaign. So we began working by creating the brand from a full-strategy session with the team and TheDoSchool.

We landed on a vibrant, playful brand using elements inspired by Brutalism, but stripped it back making it more accessible taking into consideration its target demographics and the brand purpose.


Coming up with Creative that resonates

We knew the launch material had to be eye-grabbing and leave the viewers feeling inspired and answer all the questions they may have.

We opted to use the elements we had created, mixed in with some purpose-shot videography, showcasing people from all over the world, each making up one impactful statement.


Launching the fellowship

We launched the campaign with both organic and paid creative going live at the same time, hitting those target audiences and retargeting those who engaged with the content as well as visitors to the website.


Going full throttle

Once the ads came out of learning, and we learnt what really worked for our target audience we went further with the budget, pushing out the campaign to look-alike audiences and reaching even more people.


Getting applicants

As soon as the content was up, the applications came flowing in, but we kept a close eye on the ads, to make sure they were reaching the right people and hitting the right amount of conversions.

What the client said

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We just had the meeting to discuss the entries and WOW. Thank you so much. Everything you did is having a real impact and I cannot wait for us to share it all. I know you worked your arses off for this, and we’re already seeing the fruits of all of the hard work.
Eva, TheDoSchool
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