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The rundown.

JointXcel first approached us wanting to run a sampling campaign, with a whole load of samples and not a lot of content, we had to be pretty creative from the get-go.


Paid Social Advertising, Content Creation



The brief.

JointXcel had three simple goals for this campaign. Get rid of 5,000 samples, increase awareness of the brand and get a deeper understanding of their audience. We knew exactly what was needed, a great paid media campaign, with some kickass content whilst being supported organically to get that audience insight. We got right to it.

The Results.




Total impressions


Audience growth

Extending the Campaign.

We ran the sampling for one day, selling out of all 5000 samples within a matter of hours.

We didn’t want to stop there. To extend the campaign, we ran a 50% off discount offer in an ad campaign over a number of weeks, alongside continuous organic social management and influencer marketing.

We also decided to run several email marketing flows to boost customer engagement, which worked a treat!

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IMG 5528 iphone13midnight portrait

Meet the team who did the work 👇


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