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The rundown.

Trove is the ultimate slim wallet. A new format for carrying your every day cards, cash and scraps, featuring contemporary, low-waste design and the best materials available. Each Trove is designed and made in England using the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather and elastic.


Paid Social Advertising, Content creation



The brief.

The team at Trove approached Populate to work on the launch of their new product, Trove Swift. The business already had an e-commerce store, with good traction. However they wanted to leverage a Kickstarter campaign to generate pre-orders of their new product. Our team were briefed on creating the full Kickstarter campaign, including campaign video, page creation and ongoing promotion. The goal of the campaign was to raise £10,000.

The Results.




Increase in Return.



How we did it.

We needed a clear plan with creative license to showcase the product to the best of its abilities, whilst ensuring we were hitting as many people as possible.


The strat.

Initially, we worked with the team at Trove to review their previous Kickstarter campaigns and the unique capabilities of the new Swift product. We worked to formulate a clear 12 week strategy, outlining the key markets, marketing campaigns, content and timelines.


The content.

Our creative team used a variety of creative elements to produce a strong Kickstarter video and associated assets. This included elements of videography, stop-motion and motion graphics. To support this we also produced a large amount of product photography so potential backers could see the products in their own environments.

Alongside this we built up the Kickstarter page, ensuring it covered all key elements. You can view the full page here


The Implementation.

With a comperehensive plan, we put the campaign into the wild. Through paid social and email marketing we promote the campaign to the wider world. Within just 24 hours the campaign was fully funded. 

Take a look.

Watch the full campaign video.

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