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Populate Appoint a Client Services Director

Running a successful company relies on good culture. Good culture relies on good people. In 2019 our team expanded quite drastically. We went from an office of just 6, to over 12 people within just a few months. When it comes to recruiting our new starters, we never look to replicate personalities. We want people who will challenge us, people who will bring with them new perspectives, insights, and skills.

There is no one better to demonstrate this than our newest kid on the block, Richard. ‘Rich’ joined us as our Client Services Director earlier this month, with over 13 years industry experience he’s an expert on all things social. After seriously impressing us with his laid-back interactive interview we knew he was a perfect fit. We sat down to find out a little more about our new signing.

Who is Richard Collins? 

Originally from Bridgend, I lived in London most of my adult life. I’m married, have a 5-year-old son, one dog and a cat. I’m a super annoying vegan and love obscure rock bands who have about 5 fans. In my spare time, I’m a music promoter and scare the unsuspecting Cardiff general public with gigs I put on. I also love exploring the Welsh countryside and I’m even learning to speak the Welsh language. It’s gwych!

How did it all start? 

I moved to London in 2006 where I got a summer job moderating Channel 4’s Big Brother forums, chat rooms and text to screen. The whole social media revolution happened around then, and we quickly became a full-service social agency where I was lucky enough to progress into client servicing and specialist roles. I’m still in shock that I managed to essentially develop a career in talking nonsense on the internet.

Tell us about your time working in London? 

It’s the place I spent all of my career really. I worked with some really fantastic brands over the years such as Channel 4, Sony, Birds Eye, Topman, Honda, Lidl, giffgaff and many more. I love working in an agency environment, you work with different teams, accounts, and campaigns. Advertising is a perfect blend of art and science and I genuinely believe you can make a positive difference to peoples’ life’s through promoting positive initiatives. Social is a great method of advertising as it’s a two-way conversation and if done well, you can build advocacy, gain consumer insight and revolutionise your brand.

What has been the most exciting project you’ve been a part of? 

Oooof that’s hard. We did one project in partnership with Adam & Eve for Google and Manchester United. The insight was that 95% of Manchester United fans will never go to Old Trafford. We therefore set out to find passionate Manchester United Fans around the world to go to a game whilst being streamed onto the advertising pitch-side boards. We were located in the Old Trafford boardroom, it was hugely exciting. When I interviewed one of the fans, he said “speaking to me was the best thing that ever happened to him”. Nawwww! UTD sadly lost 0-3 but it was an incredible thing to be a part of.

What would you say the proudest moment in your career has been so far? 

I worked on a fantastic project for the Royal British Legion, it was an influencer campaign asking people to ‘Rethink Remembrance ‘ not only remember the fallen soldiers of the great world wars but soldiers from modern combat too. It was a huge success and the salient message was delivered beautifully.

What’s one social media trend you’ll never forget?

Well, the launch of social media. It was ridiculous. I remember creating Birds Eye’s Facebook page, people were hugely excited to talk to these brands for the first time. Nobody really knew what social was back then, but it all seemed very exciting.

Why Populate?

I come from a full-service social agency background and Populate is the only dedicated social agency in Cardiff, so it fitted like a glove. My family and I relocated here nearly 3 years ago and are loving the Cardiff life. I’ve always known it was the right place for me and I am totally chuffed to be here.

It’s super refreshing to be a part of this agency. The office culture is fun and it’s full of great individuals who I can learn a lot from. The client roster is incredible, and I can’t wait to see it continue to grow. We’re agile as an agency, everything happens very quickly, and we can turn around campaigns and start delivering ROI like it’s nothing. It sounds like a cliché, but the possibilities are endless.

What can we expect?

A steady pair of hands that has worked across global brands. Someone who lives and breathes all things social. I’ll also be freaking people out via the office playlist with my weird music taste and by spilling lots of mugs of tea.

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