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Populates Recent Promotion Announcement

November marked a busy month for us here at Populate. With the lead up to Christmas in full swing, we’ve had our hands full with fun festive campaigns, exciting new clients and the occasional staff social (work hard, play hard right?)

Last month was also significant for one of our longest-serving employees.

After serving as our trusty content creator for two years we felt it was high-time to give him some well-deserved recognition.

Introducing our newly improved senior content creator, Jaron.

From creating kick-ass content to being the best office DJ there is, we want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us at Populate.

As one of our longest serving employees Jaron has become a pillar of the Populate journey. He’s another example to show that we’ve built a brilliant team of individuals with each one of them striving to ensure Populate really is the best version of itself. Thanks for all your hard work Jaron, exciting times ahead!’
Daniel Simmons, Founder

Some words from the man himself:

I’ve loved working for Populate over the last few years. This next stage of progression is particularly exciting. I am now supporting the growth of our new content creation team. I’m truly a Populate old-timer now!’
Jaron Lionel, Senior Content Creator

You rock Jaron.

Keep it up.

Bring on the Confetti

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