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The story behind our new company name and identity

A new company name is a big decision, bold and brave some might say – foolish and risky others! As a company and an individual we have never been one for holding back on big decisions and the timing and reasoning behind our change of name could not be more appropriate in our eyes.

When we initially started Tide Creative, we wanted to build a specialist social media marketing agency, something that cut through the saturated and competitive space we were entering. Our proposition of providing excellent social media management, driven through pushing the boundaries of content and strategy, has always been a strong one and has developed over the last 16 months.

Our client base has grown at an epic rate and with it, our reputation for providing a first-class, results driven service. Perhaps as a result of this, we continually receive enquiries for other areas of marketing and people often think we are just one of many creative agencies supplying the full plethora of creative services (exactly what we don’t want!).

For us to continue to grow in our space, we needed a company name that reflects our offering in a much more clear and concise way, allowing us to continue to forge our niche of being a specialist social media marketing agency.

After serious deliberation and lots of words on whiteboards, Tide Creative has now become…


But why Populate?

The latin word populus, meaning people, gives us the root popul. From this there are a number of words:

population – all of the people from a particular country, area or place

populate – to add information/content to something

populous – a country or area with a lot of people living in it

popular – liked, enjoyed or supported by many people

public – concerning the people as a whole/the community

Social media itself is our very own online community, brands build their own ‘public’.

Our clients are targeting wider audiences, doing so through the digital space opening up ‘populations’  that once seemed unreachable.

Alongside this, we supply ‘popular’ content in a variety of forms, pushing the boundaries of convention through video, design and photography all with the guise of providing content that is shareable, likeable and above all engaging.

In essence though, in its simplest form, our role involves ‘populating’ social media feeds on behalf of our clients, thus leading us to the name, Populate.

So what exactly does Populate offer?

Our service is simple, if you are looking to grow your brand online through social media, or you are looking to understand how social media can fit in to your wider marketing strategy then we are the people you need.

We offer this in two ways:

Social Media Management

We take full control of your social media channels, covering everything from content creation including photography, design, video and copy, through to growth, paid advertising and engagement. Our focus is on increasing the number of conversations surrounding your business, engaging with your community and ultimately helping you perform better.

Alongside this, we will integrate your channels across your wider marketing strategy, managing the capture of data to provide a segmented, targeted approach to all marketing activity.

Depending on your industry there are additional services that can ‘bolt-on’, such as email campaigns, website management and customer/client support.

Digital Strategy

The social media space, and combined with that the digital space as a whole, has developed enormously over the last five years. It is an atmosphere that changes each and every day and one which can be difficult to navigate. It is important to remember that your offline strategy needs to incorporate your online strategy in order to achieve the best results.

The strategy side of our offering was designed to give you access to an experienced and knowledgeable team that can really help you understand how you can utilise your digital strategy to achieve the results you desire. We have worked across a large number of industries, from sport, legal and real estate to software, e-commerce and hospitality, giving us a real insight in to where your organisation can improve and how you can get there.

We will work with you to find out how you can improve your digital offering, providing a comprehensive plan, with a view to working together long-term as the market changes.

So I think that covers it, I guess all that is left to say is, welcome to Populate – here’s to the next chapter.

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