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Our top tips on nailing paid ads on TikTok.

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Why do brands need to be on TikTok?

TikTok has over 656 million downloads. It’s the future of social media and quickly became a household name over lockdown in 2021. So it’s surprising that some brands are hesitant to get on TikTok. We think they’re either waiting to see what happens or they don’t want to spend time developing content for another platform when they already have an established presence on Facebook or Instagram.

There is indeed some work involved in being successful on TikTok. Brands need to post content regularly and engage with their community to reap the benefits, You shouldn’t just hop on TikTok and hope for the best. Brands need to know what they should be doing on TikTok and how it will benefit them before diving in headfirst.

So what should you be doing?

Brands should first look at what their audiences are doing. Really get a feel for what their community are doing and care about. This platform is SO different to other social media websites and needs to be treated as such. Be reactive, and engage with creators. Your account should be so much more than just your feed. Like and comment and engage with other users.

Our Advice


Create the ads natively in TikTok.

Make sure you’re using the right trending tracks and use the editing function within TikTok.


Make it personal.

Repurposed creative doesn’t work the same. Create relatable content, use voiceovers and tap into the creators already on TikTok.


Look at what's trending.

Look at what’s trending within your audience and the community at the time. Be reactive and jump on trends early on to really see the benefit.

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Bugger the fluffy stuff, here’s the results we generated for our client Mallows Beauty:


Revenue Increase


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in AOV

               How it looked 👇

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Tiktok itself goes through so many iterations of content on a weekly, daily basis. There are lots of thigns you can do to get involed with as a brand. Create TikToks, not ads is something that they have promoted as a motto for the platform itself and it’s something that they have pushed with us as an agency too, which is really, the overarching recommendation here. Create TikToks, not ads.

TLDR? Take a look at this video from our founder, Dan. 📹

Want more advice on creating and running paid TikTok ads?

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