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On-trend TikTok content delivered straight to you.

No hassle, cancel any time.

How does it work?

Let's be honest, Creating your own TikTok content can be time-consuming, confusing and daunting. But the importance of creating exciting TikToks that sets you apart from your competition is crucial. It's also a nightmare trying to ensure you've got enough content to keep things fresh. We feel you. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else take care of the creation for you? Our commitment is to accurately reflect the ethos of your company through creating data-driven authentic videos, designed to convert on TikTok, delivered hassle-free to you every month.
Let's skip to the good part

Four simple steps:

Send us your stuff

Once you’ve signed up, send us your products. We’ll need these on the 28th of the month for you to receive your videos for the following month. Once received we guarantee a turn around period of 20 working days.

We get making

Our team of professional videographers will then work to create awesome TikTok content for your business. When you signup you’ll be emailed a questionnaire about your products and brand, what you’re looking for and your preferred location for shooting (studio or lifestyle).

Check your inbox

Once we’ve shot and edited your content, keep an eye on your inbox. Any questions? Our team are contactable Monday-Friday 8:00am till 17:00pm.

No contracts

We hate contracts just as much as the next person. That’s why you can cancel your plan at anytime, completely hassle free, with no hidden charges. Our monthly rollover plan will keep ticking over until you decide to cancel- the powers in your hands.

The packages

Entry Level


per month

For TikTok, we will give you 3 days a month, creating 10 different pieces of TikTok content for you.

Location/Model costs are in addition to this…

Let's Scale Up


per month

Our Best Seller.

For TikTok, we will give you 6 days a month, creating 24 different pieces of TikTok content for you.

Location/Model costs are in addition to this…

For the Active


per month

For TikTok, we will give you 12 days a month, creating 50 different pieces of TikTok content for you.

Location/Model costs are in addition to this…

Frequently asked questions.

At the start of each month, we’ll plan each specific photoshoot to make sure the TikTok content we create is relevant to you. It’s important to state that these content packages are not designed to replace bespoke project work, i.e. if you have to pitch to a retailer and need specific imagery for the pitch then you’d benefit more by engaging us for a bespoke project.
Super simple, just let us know a month in advance and we’ll send over a quote for the additional work. This just means we have some time to prepare.
There is no need for a client to be present at photoshoots
Anything other than hand models are additional costs and are charged at the following rates: £200 full day, £100 half day. The models will be selected by our team unless otherwise discussed.
If it is suitable to do so then we will return all products to you. Please provide us with a return address.
A direct debit will not be setup. The card that you use to signup will be saved to your customer account and future renewal orders will be placed automatically. Payments will come out each month on the date that you first sign up, e.g. if you signup on the 28th November, then the next payment will come out on the 28th December.

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