January 2018 Social Scores

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All too often social media league tables are driven by vanity metrics such as followers and likes. Our score takes these factors in to account but levels the playing field, rewarding engagement as well as following. The scores are a combination of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, providing an overview of how a brand/business is performing on social media.

Take a look at the results for January 2018 below:

Alcohol Brands

Gordon’s Gin achieved first place in the league tables for January, with a score of 47.7%. The brand performed best on Facebook, particularly on their introductory post for #YayDelay, a campaign to discount G&Ts in stations to attract delayed commuters. Jack Daniel’s made it to second place, with a good performance across all platforms. Due to a number of successful posts, often including visual content, the brand achieved high levels of interaction from users. As a product category there was no stand out social platform, with little variance between the average scores for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Alcohol gained a below average score of 18%, likely to be due to infrequency of posting and low levels on engagement relative to large audiences.

Boutique Food Brands

With consistently high engagement across all three social media platforms, Mallow & Marsh topped the rankings for Boutique Food Brands. This brand has a smaller but more engaged audience when compared to bigger brands, with 7.7k Facebook fans, 29k Twitter followers and 8.9k Instagram followers. Mallow & Marsh had the best performance on Twitter within the category, with a score of 74.7%. With over 6,000 retweets over the period, this increased engagement was, in part, due to the #MallowMondays campaign whereby followers can retweet every Monday to win a selection of their products. CLIF Bar, Gourmosa and Maranatha Nut Butters all had a social score of 0%, due to either a lack of social media activity or reduced engagement across platforms. Facebook was the most successful platform in this product category, generating the highest social score for the majority of brands.

Confectionary Brands

As a product category, confectionary had the lowest social score at 11.4%. Performance was reduced across all three platforms, but was evidenced to be the weakest on Instagram. Despite this, Maltesers performed particularly well on the platform within this time, following the success of a number of humorous tweets. A reflection of the brand’s advertising through more traditional channels, these tweets combined product imagery with witty captions and hashtags. In addition, Swizzels enjoyed popularity of Facebook following success of a number of giveaways with the hashtag #FreebieFriday. Brands such as Haribo and Galaxy were found to lack a well-maintained Instagram presence, perhaps explaining their low rankings in the league table.

British Department Stores

Fortnum & Mason top this category due to consistently high levels of engagement relative to following. The brand tweeted 18 times a day on average, with their most successful post featuring the #Suffragette100 hashtag to celebrate 100 years of the vote. Their success in the league tables may also be attributed to an Instagram score of 45.0%, the highest within the category, likely to be due to the popularity of the #FortnumsTea campaign. Marks and Spencer placed second this month, with high scores on both Facebook and Instagram. Popular posts include a chocolate cake recipe and the announcement of their hot cross bun offer. Selfridges fell to the bottom of this category, with a low score across all platforms. As a whole, this category received a slightly below average score of 19.9%, a decrease on December scores likely to be due to the end of popular Christmas campaigns.

Welsh Brands

With an average score of 39%, Welsh brands performed the best out of all the categories featured in league tables this month. Hiut Denim tops the league table for this category in January. Their Facebook post about Meghan Markle wearing their jeans proved the most popular on both Twitter and Facebook, with over 400 likes and 50 retweets. Hang Fire Southern Kitchen and The Grazing Shed also performed well this month, ranking as second and third respectively. The Welsh Rugby Union saw most success on their posts covering the Wales v. Scotland game, with the hash tag #WALvsSCO gaining traction across platforms. Coffee Barker fell to last place in the table this month, likely to be due to their lack of consistency in posting leading to below category average performance on all platforms.

If you represent one of these brands and would like to know more about what your score means then we are more than happy to offer a free social media audit. Alternatively if you are from a brand that is not within this league tables then of course we would like to speak to you as well!

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