Bear Strength

E-Commerce, Fashion, Sport

Client: Bear Strength – UK


Type: Social Media Management

Bear Strength are a fitness and lifestyle brand based in Cardiff but popular all over the globe. The branded started within the Crossfit arena and is still well regarded in that setting however they are keen to grow in to more of an accessible brand for all fitness lovers.

The team at Bear Strength came to Populate as they were looking to ramp up their social media presence, gaining greater ROI from their spend.

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The Challenge

We were tasked with building the brand through social media, increasing engagement, awareness and ultimately purchases. The brand are active across other areas, including events and thus it was also important for us to tie in to this strategy.

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The Process

After an initial review of their social channels we set about crafting a strategy that centred around building a motivated community of followers across their three platforms. Within this, we created valuable content such as teaming up with a PT Chef to produce recipe videos. We also adopted an aggressive ad strategy, promoting the brand to cold traffic whilst re-marketing to those that had already shown an interest in Bear Strength products.

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The Result

Populate have created highly targeted social channels, with consistent content that speaks to the heart of the “one ideal fan”. 

A Few Fun Facts:

5x return on investment 

136% Increase in Impressions

100% Increase in Number of Messages Received

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