Cardiff University


Client: Cardiff University  


Type: Social Media Content

Cardiff University Innovation team are promoting the success of innovators from within the University system. Cross-sector innovation is especially prominent, with the focus of this piece of work being on the School of JOMEC, in particular Jenny Kidd.

Populate were tasked with coming up with a short, bitesize video for social media use that best describes the work that Jenny has done in conjunction with yello brick and St Fagans Museum.

What are we trying to achieve?

The Challenge

Cardiff University approached us to put together a creative video that showcased the Trace/Olion app that Jenny Kidd had produced. The app takes participants on a journey around St Fagans’ castle gardens, moving from fact to fiction, past and present. The aim of the video was to showcase the features of the app, encouraging downloads whilst also showcasing the innovation within the project.

Hard work pays off

The Result

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