E-Commerce, Sport

Client: Huez* – London, UK

Date: Since January 2016


Type: Social Media Management

Huez* see a future where bicycles are the most popular way to get around. They visualize a world where modern sportswear is so enriched with technology, that people are able to live in style and be more healthy than ever before.

To make their clothing, they’ve drawn inspiration from the most amazing places on the planet, and used the finest materials from Europe, USA and Japan. They deliver performance and style for the competitive road racer, everyday cyclist and for people who just like to have fun on their bikes. 

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The Challenge

Huez* called in our specialist support to take the brand to the next level by leveraging social media.

Our Mission: To create a timeless cycling brand that shines above the crowd.

Research – Find the cycling city professional market – Where they hangout online

Grow – Twitter and Facebook Fans

Engage – Direct interaction with city cyclist in the UK

Increase Website Traffic :

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The Process

Step 1 – Research

We found the ideal “one key fan”. Delving deeply into Facebook and Twitter we discovered the secret hideouts of the city cyclists.

Step 2 – Strategy

After understanding competitors content we went to work crafting beautiful jaw-dropping content.

Step 3 – Grow

Facebook PPC and Twitter laser targeting allowed us to turn the traffic tap on.

Step 4 – Engage

On the frontline, we pulled in cycling keywords to jump into the social conversation.

Short Description

The Result

Quite simply, social magic!

A Few Fun Facts:

1076% Increase in Engagement

995% Increase in Impressions

214% Increase in Number of Messages Received

Social Traffic Highest Source – Overtaking Google PPC and Direct Search

Overall Result: “Social Success”

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